Application scenarios of All in one desk computer

Application scenarios of all in one desk computer

All in one desk computer is one of the core products of Regal, offering OEM services. These computers feature mainstream X86 architecture CPUs and can be equipped with integrated or independent graphics cards with varying video memory options (1G/2G/4G). The product line includes integrated 19-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch, and 34-inch flat or curved displays. REGE’s computer series boasts an integrated design, utilizing high-performance, low-power processors and compact local flash memory. They also come with a range of peripheral interfaces and customizable configurations to cater to specific requirements. The all-in-one design minimizes cluttered wiring, creating a more streamlined, comfortable, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing user environment.


The versatility of all-in-one desk computers enables their application in various scenarios, including education, office work, gaming, home use, and 3D design.In educational settings, these computers can create optimal computer experiment classrooms by facilitating computer teaching, voice teaching, CD-ROM sharing, audio-visual teaching, and internet-based instruction. The computers can be integrated with images and scenes, enabling teachers to demonstrate their screen content to all or selected students. Additionally, through network connectivity, teachers can monitor, control, and relay students’ computer screens, facilitating two-way communication and enhancing the teaching experience. Integration with the school network management center enables multimedia information transmission within the local area network and the internet, amplifying teaching possibilities and improving overall efficiency and quality.

As companies expand, replacing aging PCs and addressing the challenges of traditional PC models become increasingly crucial. Issues such as high equipment failure rates, expensive desktop operation and maintenance, low terminal maintenance efficiency, security risks, and costly hardware updates become more prominent. Effectively reducing desktop operation and maintenance costs, minimizing terminal failures, and improving IT operational efficiency are vital tasks for the information department. All-in-one PCs offer an excellent solution by eliminating the need for configuration and enabling the use of external USB devices. Additionally, one-click installation simplifies the process of installing all components, facilitating the swift establishment of an application environment.Very suitable for office applications.

In the realm of 3D design applications, as long as the customer selects hardware compatible with the application software, the computer can effectively handle the design requirements. Key configurations, particularly in graphics cards and CPUs, should be given sufficient consideration to meet the demands of the design tasks at hand.


Application scenarios of All in one desk computer
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