What is ITX ?What is the difference from ATX and MATX?



Introduced by Intel in 1995, the ATX motherboard totally improved computer case and motherboard design. ATX made a significant departure from the longstanding AT motherboard specification. It became the default choice for modern computer systems.


The micro ATX (µATX, mATX, or uMTX) motherboard standard, established in December 1997, boasts dimensions of 9.6 × 9.6 inches (24.4 cm × 24.4 cm), a 20% reduction in length compared to Standard ATX. This shorter length results in fewer expansion slots, reducing from a maximum of 7 in ATX to 4 in micro

Commonly known as Mini-ITX, this specification, proposed by VIA Technologies, emerged as the advocated standard for future miniaturized computers. The compact Mini-ITX motherboard (170×170 mm) excels in both size and power efficiency. Ideal for integration into automobiles or small audio systems, it supports the addition of extra hardware.

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What is ITX ?What is the difference from ATX and MATX?
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