All in one desk computer

What is ITX ?What is the difference from ATX and MATX?

What is ITX ?What is the difference from ATX and MATX? ATX:  Introduced by Intel in 1995, the ATX motherboard totally improved computer case and motherboard design. ATX made a significant departure from the longstanding AT motherboard specification. It became the default choice for modern computer systems. MATX: The micro ATX (µATX, mATX, or uMTX) […]

Application scenarios of All in one desk computer

Application scenarios of all in one desk computer All in one desk computer is one of the core products of Regal, offering OEM services. These computers feature mainstream X86 architecture CPUs and can be equipped with integrated or independent graphics cards with varying video memory options (1G/2G/4G). The product line includes integrated 19-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch, […]

Industrial panel PC customization

Industrial and embedded panels PC customizationI The customized industrial tablet computer has played a significant role in enhancing production efficiency, ensuring product quality, controlling production costs, and reducing labor expenses. These tablets cater to diverse production and management applications, accommodating various customization requirements. Firstly, modular customization enables industrial tablets to perform different functions in various […]

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